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Narcissism & Gaslighting Therapy

Along with in-person therapy, we also offer Second Opinions, Forensic Services, Home Visits, and Virtual Sessions.

narcissism gaslighting therapy

The Doctors at Ricci Psychology Partners offer help to those living with Narcissists & Gaslighters.

Are you or a loved one experiencing what it's like to live with a narcissist or gaslighter? The experts at Ricci Psychology Partners may be able to  help.

What is a Narcissist/Gaslighter?

Anyone who has been in a toxic relationship can understand how physically and emotionally draining it can be.  In fact, being involved with someone who is a Narcissist or Gaslighter can be traumatic and result in a loss of individual identity.  However, there are many ways in which therapy can help someone recovering from being in a toxic relationship.

The term “Gaslight” comes from a 1938 play by Patrick Hamilton in which the main character uses psychological tricks and manipulations to convince his wife that she is going crazy so that he can have full access to some lost jewels.  Individuals who engage in “gaslighting” usually fall along the narcissistic spectrum.  In other words, their need to be right, in control, and to look like the “good guy” is so great that they will manipulate others into not trusting their own perceptions or judgments.  The end result is a toxic relationship in which the manipulated partner is always thrown off balance and cannot trust her own thoughts and beliefs.  This keeps her tied to the narcissist and ensures that he is always in control.

However, it is possible to break free from a toxic relationship and to get your “self” back.  It is incredibly important to learn how to set appropriate boundaries and to learn how to say “no.”  Allowing oneself to engage in self care is also a necessary component of recovery.  Doing so creates opportunities to remember past likes, hobbies, and loves that may have fallen by the wayside during the relationship.  It will take time, patience, and professional guidance to help mitigate the trauma of being involved in a toxic relationship but the outcome is a much healthier and happier YOU!

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