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Hoarding Disorder Therapy

Along with in-person therapy for hoarding, we also offer Second Opinions, Forensic Services, Home Visits, and Virtual Sessions.


Navigating Hoarding Disorder in Jupiter & Palm Beach, Florida

At Ricci Psychology Partners in Jupiter and Palm Beach, Florida, our compassionate team specializes in understanding and addressing the complexities of Hoarding Disorder. 

Understanding Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding Disorder is characterized by the persistent difficulty discarding possessions, driven by a perceived need to save them. Those with this disorder experience significant distress at the thought of parting with items, leading to the excessive accumulation of possessions, regardless of their actual value. This often results in cramped living conditions, with homes filled to capacity and narrow pathways winding through stacks of clutter.

This difficulty discarding possessions due to a perceived need to save them is a challenging condition that often goes beyond mere clutter. Our expert therapists are here to provide comprehensive and personalized therapy services, helping individuals regain control and find solace in their living spaces.

A Local Approach

Our therapists at Ricci Psychology Partners of Palm Beach and Jupiter are well-versed in providing support specific to the needs of individuals in these areas. We understand the impact that hoarding can have on daily life and offer a compassionate, local approach to address the concerns of our patients.

Hoarding Disorder ranges from mild to severe, with some cases having minimal impact on daily life, while others significantly affect daily functioning. In extreme cases, individuals may also collect animals, leading to unsanitary conditions and challenges in proper care. Recognizing the diverse spectrum of hoarding, our therapists work closely with individuals to assess the severity of the disorder and tailor treatment accordingly.

People with Hoarding Disorder often do not perceive it as a problem, making treatment challenging. However, our therapists at Ricci Psychology Partners are committed to providing intensive and empathetic treatment to help individuals understand their compulsions and navigate towards safer, more enjoyable lives.

Contact Us for Hoarding Disorder Therapy

If you or someone you know is struggling with Hoarding Disorder in Jupiter or Palm Beach, Florida, contact our compassionate therapists at Ricci Psychology Partners. Take the first step toward understanding and overcoming the challenges of hoarding. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and embark on the path to a safer and more enjoyable life.

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